Project « Sanedni »

A multidisciplinary care space is set up within the socio-educational center Essanad to support people with multiple disabilities and no family support.

In this context, a relaxation room will be set up to optimize care and improve the quality of life of the residents. Various equipment, including a standing frame, are provided to facilitate the daily lives of those affected.

This program, funded by the Australian High Commission, concluded in October 2022.

The project team carried out renovation work, including painting, electrical work, and upholstery, and then furnished the space with orthopedic and sensory stimulation equipment, as well as cabinets, tables, and convertible sofas adapted for this population.

The second part of the project consisted of training and supporting the center's professionals to develop and implement individualized intervention projects for each resident.

The renovated space was inaugurated in September 2022, in the presence of the Australian Ambassador to Malta and her Executive Assistant.

Professional and educational workshops within Essanad center:

This project aims to implement two workshops will be set up for therapeutic, professional, and educational purposes for the center's residents.

Training sessions for residents and professionals will be organized to assist the interveners and beneficiaries on monitoring the workshops. These activities are scheduled to start from March 2023.
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